Rio Grande International Water Accounting – Fort Quitman, Texas

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is challenging the International Boundary and Water Commission’s accounting and distribution of Rio Grande water waters passing the stream flow gauge at Fort Quitman, Texas.

Valley Water Summit White Papers

A series of white papers was prepared for the 2004 Valley Water Summit coordinated by the RGRWA and updated for the 2005 Summit to provide background information on water issues affecting the region from a variety of perspectives. The papers do not represent final conclusions or make definitive recommendations. Instead, they are starting points for more thorough discussion and development. The information presented in these papers is still valid and useful for ongoing efforts to resolve regional water supply issues.

This project also received invaluable assistance from Ric Jensen, Texas Water Resources Institute, Comer Tuck, Texas Water Development Board, and Linda Fernandez, WaterPR. The opinions expressed in the papers do not represent official policy of the organizations listed.

Rio Grande Water Rights & Allocations
Water-Delivery System
On-Farm Water Applications
Municipal Issues
Economic Development
Environmental Issues